Sports Massage Therapy

Anton RMT recognizes the importance of how massage therapy can proactively assist athletic performance for a range of sports, as well as being a key enabler in the recovery and rehabilitation process of soft tissue in the case of a sports injury.  Anton RMT aims to be your trusted partner on the court or on the track in ensuring that your body and mind are in your prime state of peak performance for whatever the sports event, game or tournament.

For strenuous sport activities such as running a marathon, competing in a bike race or that next competitive basketball game – be sure to talk to your Anton RMT for a Sports Massage Treatment Plan that works for you before and after the event to ensure you attain that peak physical performance.

Sports Massage Therapy provides a hands-on manual therapy warm up to the relevant limb or musculoskeletal body part before and after a sports event or strenuous exercise.  For example: hips, thighs, calves and ankles for a soccer game or shoulders, upper back and legs for basketball, volleyball and football.

Anton RMT’s Sports Massage Therapy primarily focuses on soft tissue manipulation, joint mobilization and a very specific deep tissue massage to reduce muscle tension or joint pain and also to re-enable optimal function back to the local area as well as the anatomy train.


A Sports Massage Therapy treatment typically includes the manual therapy, myofascial release, controlled breathing techniques to relieve pain and stress, mobilization and massage of musculoskeletal pain, dysfunction or mobility limitation.

Anton RMT likes to educate his clients on the importance of proper breathing patterns and being hydrated throughout the sporting event, race or match.  Anton RMT wants to raise peoples’ awareness about their optimal physicality and range of motion when it comes to your performance in sports or accomplishing that strenuous physical activity.




Anton RMT provides a full body assessment for all new patients and existing patients that have not visited the clinic in the last 3-6 months.  This full body assessment contains a battery set of passive and active tests to determine the scope of muscle dysfunction, mobility limitation or the root cause of the pain.  Based on your body’s ability to heal, adjust and recover from an injury, accident or mobility issue – the type of corrective manual therapy applied may change progressively over the course of the Treatment Plan.