Pain Relief & Stress Management

Anton RMT has witnessed first hand the substantial number of people that accept and continue to live their lives in pain.  Whether it is a niggling neck ache that causes regular tension headaches, or a stubborn low back pain that was triggered years ago by that back strain when carrying those heavy boxes.  Whatever the case may be, many of my clients accept that living is pain is normal and have a high pain tolerance for the dysfunction or limited mobility issue.

Anton RMT  says that “you deserve to live life fully and pain-free.”

Anton RMT uses a combination of massage therapy techniques that resolve the root cause of a pain, ache or dysfunction rather than just providing temporary relief for the symptom.  In most cases a recent or past injury can cause your body to compensate and regress creating further dysfunction and limited mobility.  Anton RMT recommends that you get assessed and treated as soon as possible to ensure any further irreversible neuromuscular damage from forming.


Pain Relief and Stress Management includes the manual therapy, myofascial release, controlled breathing techniques to relieve pain and stress, mobilization and massage of musculoskeletal pain, dysfunction or mobility limitation.  Anton RMT likes to educate his clients on the importance of proper conscious breathing and being hydrated throughout the day.  Anton RMT wants to raise peoples’ awareness about their physicality and posture alignment when going about their daily lives and in the workplace.




Anton RMT provides a full body assessment for all new patients and existing patients that have not visited the clinic in the last 3-6 months.  This full body assessment contains a battery set of passive and active tests to determine the scope of muscle dysfunction, mobility limitation or the root cause of the pain.  Based on your body’s ability to heal, adjust and recover from an injury, accident or mobility issue – the type of corrective manual therapy applied may change progressively over the course of the Treatment Plan.