Neurokinetic Massage Therapy

Anton RMT likes to stay ahead of emerging techniques and integrated modalities that combine both Neurokinetic and Neuromuscular Massage Therapy to bring you a new approach in our exclusive functional neuromuscular screening service as well as neuromuscular massage therapy.  By an effective combination of functional movement screen, neurokinetic massage therapy and rock tape therapy – Anton RMT can assure that the root cause of a pain can be traced back to the anatomy train and source of the muscle dysfunction.  In most cases chasing the pain could mean a client feels the pain in the neck but the source of the dysfunction lies in the hip or ankle soft tissue.  There are subtle differences between good and bad pain points and referral pain patterns which most clients need to be informed about when being treated by Anton RMT as part of their self-awareness.



This neurokinetic or neuromuscular massage therapy is a highly effective way in assessing and treatimg the root cause of the pain by tracing the pain back to the corresponding anatomy train or chain of muscles, body parts and functioning systems.  Once located, corrective manual therapy and muscle stripping can be applied to address the local pain or the dysfunctional root cause area.