It's Time to Stop Living in Pain. Let Anton RMT Help You Attain Your Range of Motion and Body's Highest Potential...

Let Anton the Registered Massage Therapist identify and resolve the root cause of a pain, ache or dysfunction so that you can lift those grocery bags without pain or even beat your personal best at the Vancouver marathon next spring!

Mobility & Range of Motion

Let Anton's RMT Keep You Moving in Your Day-to-Day Activities and Performing Optimally in Your Next Soccer Tournament or Cycling Event like Gran Fondo

Corrective Manual Therapy

Ask Anton RMT about the Functional Muscular Screen Assessment and Corrective Massage Therapy so that the Root Cause of a Pain or Dysfunction can be Addressed

Progressive Treatment Plan

Anton RMT uses a combination of Neurokinetic Massage Therapy, Myofascial and Soft Tissue Release Techniques. Each Treatment Plan is Tailored to Your Body's Progress

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For your convenience, you can book an appointment with Anton RMT online using your mobile, tablet or computer. You may book multiple appointments ahead with reminder emails

Anton RMT Says

“In my worldly experience I have crossed paths with people from all walks of common observation is that our bodies tend to compensate for a strain, ache or previous injury...

Where to Find Anton RMT

Find Anton RMT on Tuesday - Saturday @ Body Smart Health | Massage Therapy Clinic in North Langley. Walnut Grove Commerce Centre, Unit 119, 9440-202nd St, Langley, BC.

Book an Appointment Online

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Anton RMT Says: "Let Me Empower You to Become More Aware of Your Own Physicality and Mobility"

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The Lower Back Pain Misconception

The last time I did the Fraser Valley Gran Fondo 160km in July I had a sudden lock of the hip joint which caused cramping at the 100th kilomet


Let’s Get Your Body in Optimal Health and Wellness

Anton RMT wants to empower you to reach for your optimal physicality and full mobility.


Anton RMT Improves Your Overall Physicality and Everyday Mobility

Let Anton RMT empower you to tap into your optimal physicality and mobility.


Live your Life Pain-Free and in Full Range of Motion

Let Anton RMT help you reach your optimal health, functional movement and full potential in your every day life and at your next Vancouver marath


Anton RMT Keeps your Body in Motion and Functioning Optimally

Let Anton RMT keep your body moving optimally and functionally when you go grocery shopping, picking the kids up from school or climbing Grous


Timeout before Burnout

It is way too easy to get caught up in the rat race especially when living in a busy metropolitan capital such as London, New York, Toronto or Pa